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H-E-B opens its largest ever ecommerce fulfillment center in Texas

The facility is twice the size of its other buildings to support curbside and home delivery orders Alarice Rajagopal | Sep 07, 2023   H-E-B is opening its largest ever ecommerce fulfillment center in Katy, Texas. Measuring more than 100,000 square feet, it is twice the size of its typical fulfillment centers and aims to … Continued

Kroger, Albertsons merger could be affected by new FTC, DOJ guidelines

The potential merger deal could be affected by the proposed rules around anti-competition Kroger Co. CEO Rodney McMullen got a huge pay raise last year as the supermarket giant posted gigantic sales gains during the pandemic, a 45% raise.   The Kroger, Albertsons $24.6 proposed merger has received opposition from many unions and other groups, … Continued

Plant-based meats lose their luster

Richard Mitchell | Jul 05, 2023 Shopper concerns about health and cost are slowing demand but growth opportunities The once widespread interest in plant-based meats is rapidly contracting. More and more shoppers are becoming disenchanted with the products due to concerns about health, taste, and prices, which often are several dollars a pound higher than … Continued

Teamsters union says ‘no’ to Kroger, Albertsons merger

Bill Wilson | Jun 13, 2023 Group said it spent months talking to upper management but could not get concerns resolved   Opposition to the $24.6 billion Kroger, Albertsons merger does not appear to be dying down as the Teamsters union announced they oppose the deal. The Teamsters, a labor union representing members in the … Continued

Understanding Regenerative Agriculture Labels To Make Better Food Choices

  April 20, 2023, By Sandi Schwartz Grocery shopping can be challenging enough, trying to decipher ingredient labels to determine which products are the healthiest. We also have organic and non-GMO logos to consider. The latest label trend is for products grown using regenerative agriculture, a holistic land-management practice focusing on soil and ecosystem health, … Continued

Amazon could look to acquire Kroger, Albertsons stores

Analysts have outlined a strategy for the delivery giant’s grocery business Bill Wilson | Apr 25, 2023 If Amazon wants to improve its grocery reach in the U.S., it might want to look at what’s already there, according to a new analysis. Analysts at Wall Street firm Bernstein have put together a comeback strategy for … Continued

Largest union officially rejects Kroger, Albertsons merger

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) and its 1.3 million members have voted to reject the $24.6B deal Bill Wilson | May 09, 2023 The UFCW announced it was against the merger back in November of 2022.   The largest private sector union in the country has now officially rejected the largest … Continued

Whole Foods announces layoffs, restructuring

Whole Foods announces layoffs, restructuring Hundreds will be let go as company looks to further streamline operations Bill Wilson | Apr 22, 2023   From a work force perspective, Whole Foods will be a little more hallow in the coming weeks. However, as an organization the grocer believes leaner is better. Whole Foods is expected to lay … Continued