Expo East 2017 Nexty Award Winners Announced

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The NEXTY awards have gained notoriety in the natural products industry and become one of the premier recognitions of the companies and products that help shape the future of natural and healthy living.

NEXTY winners are determined in a two-round judging process that is completed in the Boulder-based New Hope Network office in the weeks prior to Expo East. All nominated products are considered and judges give a special nod to those that display the qualities of Innovation, Inspiration and Integrity.

Winning a NEXTY Award has launched many products and companies to the next level, helping them secure investors, get picked up by distributors and gain the attention of industry insiders.





NEXTY: Winners

Congratulations to the 21 winners of the New Hope NEXTY Awards at Expo East 2017. Here is a complete list of our winners.

Best New Organic Food: True Story Foods Organic Thick Cut Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

Best New Organic Beverage: SOUND Sparkling Tea

Best New Beverage: Califia Farms Protein Almondmilks with Maca

Best New Pantry Food: The Great GORP Project Inc. Protein Bar Ready Mix

Best New Special Diet Food: Yai’s Thai Thai Almond Sauce

Best New Condiment: GloryBee Artisan Fermented Honey

Best New Meat Alternative or Dairy Alternative: Califia Farms Betterhalf

Best New Meat, Dairy or Animal-Based Product: Hartzler Family Dairy Non-GMO Project Verified String Cheese

Best New Frozen Product: Hilary’s Millet Medleys

Best New Sweet or Dessert: Snow Monkey Superfood Ice Treat

Best New Savory or Salty Snack: Yumami Food Company Go-Dip Snack Pack

Best New Sweet Snack: K’UL Chocolate Golden Spice Dark Chocolate Bar with Turmeric

Best New Packaging Innovation: No Evil Foods Comrade Cluck

Best New Natural Kid’s Product: Fresh Bellies Refrigerated Purees

Best New Natural Living Product: Back to the Roots Self-Watering Planter

Best New Beauty or Body Product: Sterling Global Products Bob’s Butt Wipes

Best New Supplement: Amazing Grass Elixirs

Best New Supplement Delivery Format: Nordic Naturals Nordic Flora Kids Probiotic Pixies

Best Condition-Specific Supplement: RidgeCrest Herbals Essential Eyes

Best New Mission-Based Product: poof diapers 3.0

Best New Transparently Sourced Product: W.S. Badger Company Tattoo Balm



Congratulations to the GloryBee team for their “Best New Condiment” award!